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  • What is Career Ahead?

    Career Ahead is the University of Cumbria's Employability Award and it is designed to help you recognise and develop your employability skills which will provide you with a greater opportunity to get the job you want when you graduate.

    Career Ahead will help you with:

    • Career action planning
    • Finding opportunities
    • Developing your employability skills
    • Recognising and evidencing your extracurricular achievements and skills
    • Practical experience to find and apply for jobs, prepare for and practice the interview process
    • On-going support and advice from the Careers and Employability team

    Helping you to achieve your career goals!

    Career Ahead is flexible; you can do it in your own time, with or without our support.

    The Careers & Employability Service can offer additional support to disabled students. Please contact us for any further information.

  • What are the different elements?

    The framework includes 3 elements: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

    You will need to complete all 3 elements to gain the full Award. However, you can complete the elements separately, choosing whichever elements are most relevant to you and receive a certificate for each stage. For example, if you only want to complete the Gold element you can!

    View information on the different elements here: BronzeSilverGold

  • How do I sign up?

    All the information you need is on Blackboard, you can register for Career Ahead by self-enrolling. When you login to blackboard, click on the 'Career Ahead' tile to go to the enrol page. 

    Watch our videos and look at the resources to help you through the different activities.

    Contact for any further information.

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