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Sally Elton-Chalcraft

Personal details

Sally Elton-Chalcraft

Name: Dr Sally Elton-Chalcraft

Job title: Reader (Associate Professor)

Highest qualification: PhD in Religion and Sociology “Children’s cultural awareness”

Job role: MA dissertation module leader, PG and SD tutor, researcher

Email: sally.elton-chalcraft@cumbria.ac.uk

Telephone: 01524 384 384

Academic interests

  • Inclusion, equality and diversity
  • Spirituality

Recent external roles

Research activity

Current projects

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2014-5) Inclusive practice, cultural contexts and perceptions of disability in a Christian foundation special needs school in Bangalore, India. Partially funded by St Christopher’s Trust and University of Cumbria

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. and Barker, J. (2014) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: embedding diversity into school life- your responsibility as a teacher. Available at http://youtu.be/7i7pgX0Tbb8 [accessed on 4/4/14]

Selected outputs

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2015) Teaching RE Creatively Abingdon: Routledge

  • Twiselton, S. and Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2014) Unit 2.4 Developing your teaching in Cremin, T. and Arthur, J. (eds) 3rd edition Learning to Teach in the Primary School London:Routledge

  • Warner, D. and Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2014) "‘Race’ Culture and Ethnicity Teachers and Children" Ch 10 in Cooper, H. (Ed) 2nd Edition Professional Studies in Primary Education London:Sage

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. and Mills, K. (2013) Measuring challenge, fun and sterility on a 'phunometre' scale: evaluating creative teaching and learning with children and their student teachers in the primary school Education 3-13 (available at http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03004279.2013.822904 )

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2011) “We are like dictionaries Miss, you can look things up in us”: evaluating child-centred research methods. Education 3-13 International Journal vol 39 no 2 April 2011 pg 187-202

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2009) It’s not just Black and White, Miss: Children’s awareness of race Stoke-on-Trent:Trentham Books

  • Elton-Chalcraft, Hansen, A., Twiselton, S. (Eds)(2008) Doing Classroom Research – a step by step guide for student teachers. Buckingham OUP

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2008) How children see diversity – the effects of schooling in UK and Southern Germany and Implications for Initial Teacher Education. Presentation to the Teacher Education Policy in Europe Network Feb 08. Available at http://www.pef.uni-lj.si/tepe2008/papers.htm accessed 10.09.08

  • Elton-Chalcraft, S. (2006) Using Persona Dolls in Religious Education Available at http://www.multiverse.ac.uk/viewarticle2.aspx?contentId=532 Accessed 12.06.09

  • Elton-Chalcraft (2005) Anti-racism an attainment target for RE Available at http://www.multiverse.ac.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?anchorId=131&selectedId=154&menu=17877&ContentId=13183 Accessed 12.06.09