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Pete Boyd

Personal details

Name: Prof. Pete BoydPete Boyd

Job title: Professor of Professional Learning

Highest qualification: PhD

Job role: Pete works in both the Institute of Education and in the Graduate School. He is a lead for educational research and has an academic development and research capacity-building role across the university. 

Pete supervises teachers and academics completing their MA or PhD in educational research. He contributes as research mentor to collaborative research and development projects with partnership schools.

As a Professor in Professional Learning his research is focused on workplace learning and identity in educational settings. He also has an interest in assessment for learning. He co-authored an influential guide to assessment in higher education (Bloxham and Boyd 2007) and continues to pursue research and consultancy in this area. His most recent publication is ‘Learning Teaching’ an advanced reader for beginning teachers (Boyd, Hymer and Lockney 2015)

Email: Pete.Boyd@cumbria.ac.uk
Telephone: 01228 616241
Mobile: 07966 023275

Academic interests

Academic interests

  • A key focus for Pete’s research is on the professional learning and identity of practitioners in educational workplaces and he has studied teacher educators and academics in health professional fields.
  • He also has an interest in the development of assessment for learning approaches in schools, colleges and universities.

Recent external roles

  • Conference chair of the ‘Assessment in Higher Education’ biennial conference, Manchester 2017
  • Conference Chair and keynote for the ‘International Conference on Modern Education’ (ICOME) Sanya, China 2016
  • Keynote speaker on Assessment in Higher Education at Queen Mary University, London Student Transitions conference, January 2016
  • Keynote speaker on Being a Teacher Educator at Huddersfield University conference on teacher education, June 2016
  • Academic Development consultancy for British Council providing workshops on Assessment with University Teachers in Saudi Arabia, October 2015.
  • Research Mentor supporting teacher researchers: Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance, Wirral, England 2015 - ongoing.
  • Research mentor supporting teacher researchers: Robert Ferguson Primary School, Carlisle, England 2014 - ongoing
  • Research mentor supporting teacher researchers: North Liverpool Teaching Alliance 2012 - 2015
  • External consultant on accreditation of an MA Teaching in Lifelong Learning at Huddersfield University 2012
  • External consultant on accreditation of a new Postgraduate Certificate on Teacher Education aimed at school-based teacher educators Strathclyde University 2012
  • Consultant on accreditation of a programme on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education for teacher fellows and postgraduate researchers at UCL 2011
  • External consultant on developing assessment and feedback at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts 2009
  • External Accreditor for the Higher Education Academy 2007 - 2011
  • Facilitator of HE Academy / TEAN national academic induction seminars for teacher educators 2007-2012

Research activity

Current projects

  • Teacher knowledge and expertise: developing research informed practice
  • Teacher researchers: using practitioner research to drive school improvement
  • Being a university Teacher Educator: a longitudinal study
  • Mastery of Maths: understanding the impact of Singapore Maths approach
  • Dispositions: understanding orchestration of independent learning activities
  • Understanding the research-teaching knowledge exchange nexus in teacher education

Selected outputs

  • Boyd, P., Hymer, B. & Lockney, K.(2015) Learning Teaching: becoming an inspirational teacher. Critical Publishing.

  • Boyd, P., Smith, C. & Beyaztas, D. (2015) Hyper-Expansive Academic Workplaces: the case of UK lecturers in Nursing and Midwifery. International Journal for Academic Development,20 (1), 18-32.

  • Boyd, P. & Leslie, P. with Teacher Researchers from North Liverpool Teaching Alliance (2015) Learning Conversations Teacher Toolkit: developing practice in early years through practitioner inquiry. Liverpool: Everton Nursery School and Family Centre. 

  • Boyd, P. (2014) Using ‘modelling’ to improve the coherence of initial teacher education. In Pete Boyd, Agnieszka Szplit & Zuzanna Zbróg (Eds.) Teacher Educators and Teachers Learning: International Perspectives, Cracow: Libron. Available online at http://libron.pl/katalog/czytaj/id/150

  • Boyd, P. & Smith, C. (2014) The Contemporary Academic: orientation towards research and researcher identity of higher education lecturers in the health professions. Studies in Higher Education.

  • Boyd, P. (2014) Learning Conversations: teacher researchers evaluating dialogic strategies in early years settings. International Journal of Early Years Education.

  • Boyd, P., Smith, C. & Ilhan, D. (2014) Hyper-Expansive Academic Workplaces: the case of UK lecturers in Nursing and Midwifery. International Journal for Academic Development.

  • Boyd, P. & Bloxham, S. (2014) A situative metaphor for teacher learning: the case of university tutors learning to grade student coursework. British Educational Research Journal, 40 (2), 337-352.

  • Boyd, P. (2014) Learning Teaching in School. In Hilary Cooper (Ed.) Professional Studies in Primary Education (2nd Edition). London: Sage. Available at http://www.uk.sagepub.com/upm-data/61142_Cooper.pdf

  • Lopes, A., Boyd, P., Andrew, N. & Pereira, F. (2013) The research-teaching nexus in nurse and teacher education: contributions of an ecological approach to academic identities in professional fields. Higher Education, iFirst.

  • Boyd, P. (2013) Professional Education: resolving tensions around the value of different types of knowledge in teacher and nurse education. In Amelia Lopes (Ed.) Formação inicial de professores e de enfermeiros: identidades e ambientes / Initial education of teachers and nurses: identities and environments. Lisboa: Mais Leituras.

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