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Media equipment and editing

Media equipment

What’s available?

LiSS (Library and Student Services) hold a stock of equipment, including video cameras, digital still cameras, tripods, dictaphones, microphones and tape recorders.

As a student, if the equipment is required for your course, you can book it out - the length of time will vary depending on the equipment. There is a very limited supply, so it’s a good idea to book.

And, it’s only fair to return the equipment on time, so that someone else can borrow it. Please make sure that you delete any voice recordings from dictaphones and tape recorders, and video recordings or still pictures from cameras before you return them.

Before you book

It’s really important that you think about these issues:

  • Do you know how to use the equipment? 
    The libraries hold different types and versions of specific equipment.
    Different types of equipment offer different levels of support.
  • Will it work with your computer?

How to book

Please use the media equipment booking service, bookit.  

Studying Media at Brampton Road?

You have access to the AV Media Resource Area. This resource is exclusively available to media, art and design students and is staffed by a dedicated team of technicians.


If you need help editing multimedia projects or presentations, IT Services can arrange support sessions. We can work with a group of students or on a one-to-one basis.

Contact the IT Service Desk and book a time.

Off-air recording sessions

IT Services can record programmes on DVD, providing that:

  • you are going to use it for educational purposes, and
  • it is not copyright restricted.

How to request a recording

Contact the IT Service Desk.

When you collect the DVD, have another replacement DVD ready to give them in return.

Requesting a recording after the programme has aired

We search for a repeat programme that we can record for you.

The university subscribes to the BUFVC (British Universities Film & Video Council).  As a result the university receives vouchers to enable us to request a limited number of programmes that have already aired. However, we need to keep these vouchers for use when there’s been a technical issue with equipment and a recording has failed.