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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a method of security used by IT Departments to manage mobile devices. The University has utilised the MDM features within Microsoft Office 365 to secure all UoC mobile devices connected to email. 

To maintain security we also apply the same process for personal mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. If you would like to access your UoC mailbox on your personal device you will need to agree to terms and conditions by completing and forwarding a form to the IT Service Desk. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, your account will be enabled for access. 

By signing up to MDM on your personal device, this will:

  • Require the use of a passcode on your device.

  • Allow access to the new Outlook app available for Android and iOS.

  • Configure UoC email, contacts and calendar to your device natively.

Quick Start Guide

  1. To enable your user account for MDM submit the “Enable Mobile Device for Email” Form available from here.

  2. Ensure your device is connected to the internet.

  3. Install the Intune Company Portal App for Android or for iOS

  4. Install the Outlook App for Android or for iOS

  5. Open the Intune Company Portal app, login with your UoC credentials, follow the steps, and accept and install all message boxes.

  6. Once the Intune Company Portal has successfully installed and confirmed your device is compliant you can open the Outlook app.

  7. Enter your UoC credentials when prompted by the Outlook app.


How do I connect my personal device to MDM and UoC Email?

A full procedure for Android and iOS is available here

I access my email through a browser on my mobile device, do I need to follow this new process?

No, web browser access is unaffected.  This only covers access via mobile device ‘apps’ either built into the operating system of your device or downloaded from an app store.

 I could access my email before, why do I need to do this now?

As more mobile devices are being used, the requirement to secure the data on them has become more critical, also with Blackberry devices being replaced for Android Smartphones we are required to provide at least the same level of security of email data as the Blackberry’s offered.

 What about students, will they need to follow this process?

No, student's access to email on mobile devices will be unaffected.

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