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The University understands that on occasion students may experience wellbeing difficulties that have a detrimental impact on their ability to study, beyond the normal sickness absence, and normal extenuating circumstances procedures.

The Fitness to Study Policy aims to ensure a consistent approach to supporting students whose mental and/or physical wellbeing is of such concern, that interventions need to be put in place to support them by the University. The emphasis of this policy is on supporting a student’s wellbeing, where the wellbeing is having a detrimental impact on the student’s ability to study, or the impact on others around them, or poses a risk under Safeguarding or Health and Safety

Additional support services are provided for disabled students, which includes students with some aspects of mental ill health. This support is outlined in the 'Statement of practice for services available to disabled students' in Higher Education.

Services provided by the University's Psychological Wellbeing Service are similarly outlined in their Statement of Practice. 

Students with pregnancy and maternity issues are supported by our Student Maternity Policy

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Service has produced a short leaflet on  how to respond to a student in emotional distress. Although primarily aimed as a guide for staff, this could also be useful to students who may be concerned about a friend or peer.