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Student Teacher Perspectives

The STeP Journal

Student Teacher Perspectives Journal

The STeP (Student Teacher Perspectives) Journal is an online journal for student teachers. The journal is published by the Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) and is designed to be a journal which will showcase excellent research and scholarly activity from student teachers everywhere. All papers are recommended by student teachers’ tutors and reviewed by TEAN before publication. Most important is that all papers show student teachers as reflective practitioners, with the ability to engage with theory to enhance their practice.

View full guidelines for submission to the STeP journal.


TEAN, the Teacher Education Advancement Network, publishes an online journal for teacher educators. The Student Teacher Perspectives Journal (STeP journal) is a TEAN initiative, new in 2014-15, which seeks to establish an online publication, showcasing high quality research and scholarly activity undertaken by student teachers. The journal will be available open access online and papers are welcome from student teachers in the UK and worldwide. Any potential contributors must follow the guidelines with care, as papers will not be considered if they do not adhere to the necessary criteria.

Where can I showcase my work?

TEAN has two possible online repositories for your student paper; they are quite different in their requirements and both are valid in different ways.

The Student Teacher Perspectives folder

This repository for student work showcases excellent work on a variety of topics from student teachers across the sector. There are two possible types of work which can be submitted:

  1. High standard short articles 4000-5000 words maximum, based on research done by the student or other appropriate scholarly activity. These articles may be chosen for the journal.
  2. Copies of high standard dissertations based on research undertaken by the student.

The Student Teacher Perspectives (STeP) journal

It is expected that your paper will be based on some research project or assignment that you have undertaken as part of your course and adapted to the requirements of a journal.

Please note that it is also possible to send in a ‘thought piece’ provided that it is well researched and referenced.

General points

  • Papers for the journal can be sent to TEAN at any time.
  • It is important that you have the recommendation of your tutor as to the suitability and quality of the paper and that the paper is of a high standard.
  • Papers should be 4000 - 5000 words, excluding references and abstract.
  • Please provide a short abstract for your paper.
  • If your paper is either subject or country specific, please ensure that its message is made obviously transferable to other contexts.
  • Please number the pages of your manuscript.
  • Please note that TEAN, from 2014 onwards, follows the guidelines for referencing as explained in CITE THEM RIGHT, Ninth edition, published 2013.


Your tutor will be asked to endorse the paper.

The paper will be reviewed by the journal editor.


If you decide to submit for the journal, please note the following:

  • Please provide an abstract of 100 – 150 words giving a brief overview of the content of the paper. This is not part of the word count.
  • References – nb NOT bibliography, only what you have used in the paper.
  • It is expected that your paper will be based on small scale research which you have undertaken as part of your course. However, please note that ‘thought’ pieces, which are not particularly based on a piece of research will also be considered, provided that they are supported by thorough referencing.

Submission of papers

Papers should be sent as an email attachment Word file to Alison Jackson – alison.jackson@cumbria.ac.uk Please put in the subject box of the email the surname of the first author and the name of the journal thus:

e.g. Jackson, STeP journal submission.

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, so if you do not receive one, contact TEAN

What to do

  1. In your submission e-mail, send details of: Name of your tutor, Tutor’s e-mail, Tutor’s affiliation
  2. Your paper – make sure you have: The title of your paper, Your name, You institution

STeP Journal Vol 3, No 1 (2016) 

STeP Journal Vol 2, No 4 (2015)

STeP Journal Vol.2 No.3: Special Issue Scotland

STeP Journal Vol.2 No.2 (2015)

STeP Journal Vol.2 No.1 (2015)

STeP Journal Vol.1 No.1 (2014)

Access student teacher perspective dissertations.

All contributions for this folder should be sent to Alison Jackson.