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Becoming a Teacher Educator

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A four part workshop for new Teacher Educators
Integrated with a conference on Teacher Education
The 6th TEAN Conference
In association with

Critical Publishing

13 and 14 May 2015
Teacher Education Advancement Network
Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham

The highly successful ‘Becoming a Teacher Education’ workshops have been held annually since 2007 and have provided an element of academic induction for more than 300 colleagues who are in their first year or two of appointment to new roles as Teacher Educators based in higher education, colleges and schools.

This year, in an innovative development, the workshop will be integrated with the annual TEAN Conference. It will consist of four linked sessions that will address the challenges of professional identity, workplace context, pedagogy, and research activity for Teacher Educators. Integration with the conference means that participants will also be able to take in a range of keynote lectures and research presentations and discuss these as part of the workshop.

The workshop is designed for all those who are relatively new to teacher education work, whether based in schools, colleges or in higher education. The workshop provides a challenging perspective on the pedagogy of teacher education and on the place of scholarship and research in the work of different teacher educator roles. It aims to provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences and for considering useful strategies and resources for building practice and identity as a teacher educator.

The integrated Becoming a Teacher Educator workshop, together with the TEAN conference, provides a unique experience for you and excellent networking opportunities. Ideally you will attend for both days. However if finance or other commitments prevent this, then we will design the workshop to be a coherent experience even if you attend on one day only.

Two online publications provide useful open access pre-reading for the workshop:

Becoming a teacher educator: guidelines for induction are available to download from the TEAN Teacher Educators’ Storehouse.

Being a school-based teacher educator: developing pedagogy and identity in facilitating work-based higher education in a professional field Practitioner Research in Higher Education.

Team of presenters:

  • Dr Pete Boyd, Associate Professor, University of Cumbria
  • Kim Harris, University of Worcester
  • Professor Jean Murray, University of East London
  • Dr Liz White, University of Hertfordshire

Quotes from previous delegates

'This was a very inspiring workshop and gave me lots of think about on the train home.'

'As a new teacher educator all sessions were of interest to gain a clearer perspective and reflection on the role ahead.'

Delegates at 2014 Becoming a Teacher Educator Workshop

To register for the conference visit the conference page.