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Forthcoming events

RIPLE Research in Education Round Table Seminar

12.00-1.30pm Wednesday 09 December 2015 SKF05 & AXB031 (VC)

Being a public sector worker in the age of accountability: investigating performance-related pay as one more neoliberal nail

Presenter:  Kevin Proudfoot

In education in England it is possible to consider the Education Reform Act of 1988 as the start of an ‘age of accountability’. A neoliberal policy agenda took firm hold in the state education sector with high stakes inspection, measurement of school success by test and exam results, competitive league tables, a dictated national curriculum, and a discourse of parental choice. This aggressively neoliberal programme has been further intensified by successive governments, with notable developments including New Labour’s 2006 performance management reforms.

This has now reached a culmination in the form of the Conservative administration’s introduction of performance-related pay in 2013, despite of a backdrop of extensive international evidence which demonstrates the ineffectiveness (or indeed counter-productivity) of such an initiative. Similarly neoliberal agendas have developed in relation to higher education and health, as marketisation and private-sector style management have gained traction.

The background literature will be of interest to teachers in higher education as well as those involved in teacher education. It will be interesting to also consider how other professional fields are influenced by a neoliberal policy framework. The research design includes a confirmatory factor analysis of a national survey of teachers, a quantitative content analysis of teacher online forums and qualitative data in the form of semi-structured interviews with teachers and managers in a range of secondary schools.

This round table seminar will begin with a short introduction by Kevin Proudfoot to the early stages of his research of perceptions of performance-related pay by school teachers and school managers. A key conceptual framework is self-determination theory, providing a lens through which notions of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation / control and autonomy / accountability and responsibility can be examined.

‘Accountability is what happens when responsibility is taken away!’ – Pasi Sahlberg

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