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Moira Peelo

Personal details

Moira PeeloJob title: Honorary Research Fellow in Education

Highest qualifications: PhD, National Teaching Fellowship

Email: moira.peelo@cumbria.ac.uk

Moira has spent many years working in universities in learning/educational development and as a researcher and she was awarded a national Teaching Fellowship in 2004. She is currently an independent consultant providing teaching and evaluation, as well as authoring books and materials.

Academic interests

Moira’s key academic interest is in marginality, which has led her to research across boundaries in higher education, criminology and health. She started life as a qualitative researcher but now uses mixed methods. Moira sees evaluation as a link between research and practice development and has particular interests in:

  • Most aspects of higher education, especially student teaching and learning.
  • Management, provision and practice of learning and educational development.
  • Evaluation of service provision across the public sector; what evidences innovation, impact and change; and evaluation and reflection on practice.

Research activities

Selected outputs

Selected books

Peelo, M. (2011) Understanding Supervision and the PhD. Continuum Press: London.

Peelo, M. & Wareham, T (eds.) (2002) Failing Students in Higher Education. SRHE/Open University Press: Buckingham.

Peelo, M. (1994) Helping Students with Study Problems. Open University Press/SRHE: Buckingham.

Selected articles and conference papers

Peelo, M. And Soothill, K. (2012) Content analysis or analysis of content: mixed methods in media research in: D.Gadd et al’s (eds.) Sage Handbook of Criminological Research Methods. Sage: London.

Peelo, M. and Francis, B. (2009), ‘Tackling mixed messages: embedding advanced numeracy in graduate identities’. MSOR Connections Vol 9 No 4 November.

Luxon, T. and Peelo, M. (2009), ‘Academic sojourners, teaching and internationalisation: the experience of non-UK staff in a British University’. Teaching in Higher Education Vol. 14, No. 6, 649-659.

Luxon, T. & Peelo, M. (2009) ‘Internationalisation: its implications for curriculum design and course development in UK higher education’. Journal of Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

Fritz, C., Peelo, M., Folkard, A. & Ramirez-Martinell, A. (2007) ‘Quantitative Skills in the social sciences: identifying & addressing the challenges’. CETL-MSOR Conference Proceedings 2007. Birmingham: The Maths, Stats & OR Network, pp.34-40.

Peelo, M and Luxon, T (2007) ‘Designing embedded courses to support international students’ cultural and academic adjustment in the UK’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 31(1):65-76.

Peelo, M. & Whitehead, R. (2006) ‘Undergraduates Difficulties’ with Maths & Quantitative Work’. CETL-MSOR Conference, Loughborough and in: D. Green (Ed.) CETL-MSOR Conference Proceedings 2006. Birmingham: The Maths, Stats & OR Network, pp 126-129

Selected research projects

Since 2000: 

  • TQEF-funded evaluation of student use of an Effective Learning website;
  • TQEF-funded students’ Maths Project;
  • Co-director of national TLRP project on disabled students’ experience of HE;
  • NTFS award project on postgraduate research supervision;
  • Co-principal investigator, ESRC project, developing statistics teaching materials for social scientists;
  • Developing English for Teaching.

Prior to 2000

  • National survey investigating male undergraduates' academic and career choices and transition into first jobs (Rowntree-funded).
  • Social circumstances of young offenders (funded by the Association of Chief Officers of Probation)
  • Marginality and the experience of women undergraduates
  • Problems of transition from school to university
  • Data management for: project on curriculum option choice in multi-ethnic schools; nursing recruitment and wastage; local health authority personnel survey; Open College 1st destinations survey

Full details of Moira’s publications and work can be found at www.universitymaze.com