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Marie Huxtable

Personal details

Marie HuxtableJob title: Honorary Research Fellow in Education
Highest qualification: PhD
Email: marie.huxtable@cumbria.ac.uk

Marie’s career began in teaching before qualifying as and educational Psychologist. She developed an inclusive project called APEX (All are Able Pupils Extending Opportunities Project) for her local authority and was involved in a variety of related projects on subjects such as ‘Thinking’, ‘Action Research’, and ‘Widening Learning’. She has provided INSET, taught on a university programmes and contributed to conferences and workshops locally, nationally and beyond.

Her ongoing interest is researching how to improve support for people of all ages to learn why, how and what, talents, expertise and knowledge they want to develop and offer as extra-ordinary gifts; gifts which carry hope of enhancing their own learning and lives, those of others and social formations.

Academic interests

My fields of expertise are those of an educational psychologist; supporting children and adults to research developing talents, expertise and knowledge as gifts; and supporting educators from a range of contexts researching their practice to improve it. The support is for educational relationships, space and opportunities in the physical world, the virtual world and the living boundary between them, for instance through web-based resources and educational research projects, and developing multimedia narratives.

Recent external roles

  • Honorary research fellow University of Cumbria
  • Member of the editorial board for EJOLTs (Educational Journal of Living Theories) 
  • Consultant member of the Editorial Board of Gifted Education International

Research activities

Selected outputs

Huxtable, M. (2011) How do I contribute to improving educational relationships, space and opportunities? BERA conference, Institute of Education, London, 2011.

Huxtable, M. (2011) How am I, as an educational practitioner-researcher using new technology to enhance educational learning? Presented at the 11th Diverse (Developing Innovative Visual Educational Resources For Students Everywhere) Conference, Dublin City University, 2011 and included in the proceedings

Huxtable, M. (2010) Children and Young People as Living Theory Action Researchers. A contribution to ‘Action Research in the Function of Professional Development of Teachers. Part IV of, ‘The Influence of Action Research on Educational Practice of the European Workshop’, 17-20 May 2010, Zagreb, Croatia and included in the proceedings.

Huxtable, M. (2009) How do I improve what I am doing in my professional practice and make an original contribution to the knowledge-base of education? Paper in Keynote symposium. ‘Explicating A New Epistemology For Educational Knowledge With Educational Responsibility, 2009 BERA conference, Manchester University 2009.

Huxtable, M. (2009) How do we contribute to an educational knowledge base? A response to Whitehead and a challenge to BERJ. Research Intelligence. 107, pp.25-26

Huxtable, M. (2009) Enhancing Creativity in Educational Practice and Teachers Continued Professional Development Through Contributing to Improving Inclusive and Inclusional Gifted and Talented Educational Theory and Practice. pp.128-141. In L. Bognar, J. Whitehead, B. Bognar, M. P. Kraljik, K. Munk (Eds) Encouraging creativity in education: Collection of papers – a Handbook for Current and Future Teachers, Proceedings of "A Creative Approach to Teacher Education", Pozega, Croatia, 27-30 Sept 2009. Zagreb: Profile International.

Huxtable, M. (2009) Developing Talents to Create and Offer Knowledge of the Self and the World as Educational Gifts. EJOLTs (Educational Journal of Living Theories) 2 (2) pp.43-59.

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Huxtable M, and Whitehead, J. (2007) How can inclusive and inclusional understandings of gifts/talents be developed educationally? Presented at the The World Conference For Gifted and Talented Children on From Local Worlds Of Giftedness To Global, 5-10 August 2007, University of Warwick.

Whitehead, J. and Huxtable, M. (2006) How are we co-creating living standards of judgment in action-researching our professional practices? Presented at ALARM PAR conference Groenigen 2006.

Huxtable, M. (2005) Everyone a Winner - Towards Exceptional Achievement of All , Gifted Education International 20 (1) p. 51-69