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Hilary Cooper

Personal details

Professor Hilary Cooper

Job title: Emeritus Professor of History and Pedagogy

Highest qualification: PhD. Young Children’s Thinking in History (London University Institute of Education)

Email: Hilary.Cooper@Cumbria.ac.uk





Academic interests

  • Supervision of Ph.D students researching in a variety of areas of education.
  • Supporting colleagues in the Faculty of Education in developing and disseminating individual and collaborative research.
  • Personal research interest: international research into history education.

Recent external roles

  • Joint editor,The International Journal of History Teaching, Learning and Research. Editorial Committee (history.org.uk)
  • Editorial Board, Primary History. See a list of issues.
  • Founder of the History Educators' International Research Network - Conferences in Ambleside (2004), London (2005), Cape Town (2006) Istanbul (2007), Yaroslavl (2008), Northern Ireland (2009), New York (2010), Braga, Portugal (2011)
  • Key note speaker:
    • (2004) V Journados internacioneais de educacao historico, University of Minho, Braga.
    • (2005) History in British Education, Institute of Historical Research London.  
    • (2008) English History, Culture and Education, University of Yaroslavl
    • (May 2010) What does it Mean to Think Historically? Association of History, Dialogue and Research, Nicosia, Cyprus
    • (June 2010) Cross-curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning, Connecting with the World Around Us, Irish Association for Social, Scientific and Environmental Education, Belfast
    • (April 2011) Constructivist Approaches to History in the Primary School, Vision to Reality Conference, Brisbane, Queensland.
    • (May 2011) What we have Learnt from the National Curriculum for History, New South Wales Historical Association, Sydney, NSW.
  • External Examiner of PhD theses: Durham University (1995), Warwick University (1999) University of the West of England (2003), M.Phil University of Lancaster (2003), London University Institute of Education (2003; 2005; 2008).
  • Fellow of the Historical Association (2007)
  • Consultancies: (2004) QCA, Excellence and Enjoyment and the Futures Programme

Research activity

Current projects

  • Charlotte Mason, an analysis of her Educational Philosophy and its Reflection in Subsequent Constructivist Theories of Learning (in progress)
  • H. Cooper (2012) (ed.) Creative History Teaching, London: Routledge (in progress)
  • Cooper, H. (2012) History 5–11 2/e London: Routledge (in progress)
  • Research related to Charlotte Mason studies, in a collaboration between Gardner Webb University North Carolina, Covenant College Georgia and Redeemer University College Ontario.
  • Application of Folk Tales from different cultures to contemporary contexts to develop discussion of personal and social education.

Selected outputs

  • Cooper, H. ‘Historical Fiction in Social Studies’, in A Social Studies Guide for Teachers, D.Dilek (ed.) Ankara: Pegem-A, (in press).
  • Cooper, H. and Ditchburn, E. (2009) Folk Tales: Universal Values, Individual Differences, Revista de Pedagogie No 1.6. Bucharest: Institute of Educational Sciences.                   
  • Cooper, H. and Rowley, C. (2009) (eds.) Cross Curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning in the Primary School, London: Sage.
  • Cooper, H. and Chapman, A. (2009) (eds.) Constructing History 11-19, London: Sage.
  • Cooper, H. (2008) ‘Masallar: Evrensel Degerler, Bireysel Farkliliklav’ in.21.Yuzyilda Kimlik Vatanaslik ve Tarih Egitimi.
  • Cooper, H. and Rowley, C. (2006) (eds.) Geography 3-11, London: David Fulton.
  • Cooper, H. (2006) History 3-11, London: David Fulton.
  • Cooper, H. (2004) Exploring Time and Place Through Play, London: David Fulton.
  • Cooper, H. and Sixsmith, C. (2003) (eds.) Teaching Across the Early Years 3-7, London: Routledge.
  • Cooper, H. (2002) History in the Early Years, London: Routledge, (2nd edition 2005).
  • Cooper, H. (2002) Didactica de la Historia en la Educacion Infantile y Primaria, Madrid, Ediciones Morata.
  • Cooper, H. and Hyland, R. (2000) (eds.) Children’s Perceptions of Learning with Trainee Teachers, London: Routledge.
  • Cooper, H. (1999) History - a Hot Potato or a Staple Diet’ in Isses in History Teaching, R. Phillips and J. Arthur (eds.), London: Routledge Falmer.
  • Cooper, H. (1992) The Teaching of History, London: David Fulton. (3rd edition 2000).

Indicative journal articles