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Hilary Constable

Personal details

Hilary ConstableJob title: Honorary Professor in Education
Highest qualification: PhD
Email: hilary.constable@cumbria.ac.uk

Hilary Constable has been a member of staff at the universities of Leeds, Sunderland and Northumbria and is now pleased to be associated with the University of Cumbria.

Her research interests are in organisational development and, in particular, in change in teaching practices. How is it that people conceptualise and action changes they intend? Alongside that goes an as yet unexplored interest in teaching hard-to-learn concepts, perhaps originating in her background as a scientist. What is going on in teaching those concepts that generation after generation of students and their teachers finds difficult to grasp? 

Hilary is an experienced supervisor and examiner and is especially interested in coaching academic writers. 

Academic interests

  • Quality Management of Research Projects
  • Creative and analytical research based solutions to strategy questions in higher education
  • University Teaching and Assessment on Graduate and Doctoral programmes
  • Staff development in higher education

Research activities

Illustrative achievements and outputs

  • Designed and implemented a Quality Assurance system for 69 Research and Development Awards funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools.
  • Analysed and synthesised the results of a national policy consultation and presented a report to the Head of Support for Initial Teacher Training, Teacher Training Agency of England outlining stake-holders needs and possible responses.
  • Informed policy decision making of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales by designing and carrying out research into the costs of partnership across all higher education institutions involved in teacher training in Wales.
  • Devised and implemented creative research design and reported on the Experience of Assessment across one large UK University.
  • Collected evidence, analysed, synthesised and made recommendations on the Assessment of and Learning through Group and Team work. 
  • Coached groups of academic staff in course development (one suite of Masters courses and two suites of undergraduate courses).
  • Analysis of Key Skills for the Faculty of Art and Design in one large UK university
  • Analysis of development of Key Skills in the Distance Learning provision of Faculty of Business in one large UK university
  • Contributed to design and realisation of international (IEA) study of mathematics teacher education (TEDS-M) involving 9 countries and hosted by Michigan State University, USA.
  • Lead consultant on Complex Needs workforce training materials for Training Agency