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There’s times when you’ll want to work as a group and there’s other times when you’ll just need some peace and quiet. There’s a range of study spaces available, depending on who you’re with and what you want to do.


Social learning spaces

In the large campus libraries, you’ll find spaces that are set up for social learning. They have sofas and coffee tables.

You can eat and drink while you work, talk to each other and it’s OK if you make some noise.

Obviously, these areas are very popular.

Quieter study with others

The libraries provide computers around the walls for you to work quietly, perhaps with someone else who is also working quietly. There are some spaces available for you to sit with a laptop.

You cannot eat or drink but you can quietly talk.

Silent study areas

Where possible, the library provides individual spaces for you to study in silence. You can use a laptop. You cannot make any noise or talk at all.

Group study rooms

As a group, you can book a group study room. There are a range of sized rooms. The rooms may have equipment, such as computers, DVD-TV for playback, or smartboards.

Book these online

Students can book a group study room online

Using group study rooms without booking

If there is no-one using a room when you arrive please log in to check the availability. If it is free you can make a booking there and then so that you can use the room. If you are using a room that you have not booked, please leave when the person who has booked it arrives. If a study room is not occupied by the person who has booked it within 15 minutes of the start of the booking then the room can be used by somone else.

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