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Part-time Retake students on NEW academic regulations ONLY

Students on New regulations, for  level 3, 4 or 5, that a have above 20 credits in confirmed fail, will be given the opportunity to retake the module the following year.  This will only be offered one time per module and not for subsequent confirmed fails on the retaken module.

If a retake module(s) has been granted by the University Assessment Board it will be noted on your Statement of Results transcript which is received by email following the appropriate Assessment Board, and in ICON.

It is very important that you check your University email regularly so that you do not miss this information.  You are strongly encouraged to contact your module tutor to arrange a tutorial for feedback, advice and guidance in preparation for your retake module(s).

You will become a Part-time Retake student you have more than 20 credits offered as retake modules.

As Part-time Retake, you will complete the module(s) in full again. You will be expected to attend and undertake the study for that module in full. You will be charged tuition fees for that Module.

There may be implications regarding eligibility for funding and for any accommodation contracts, you may enter into. You are normally entitled to funding for the standard length of your course plus one extra year. Student Finance England often refer to this as a gift year. The gift year can be used to fund a repeat year or part year of study. If eligible, during the period of study you continue to be eligible for all the SFE loans and grants.

 If you do not have enough funding entitlement to cover the duration of your course because of repeat years you will usually be required to self-fund your tuition fees.

 If you are repeating study due to Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR) which have affected your study, for example, illness or bereavement. Student Finance England may, award an extra year of funding to you.  To be considered for this extra year, you will need to provide Student Finance England with evidence of the circumstances that caused you to repeat and ask them to consider this.  Any decision about awarding additional years of funding is at the discretion of Student Finance England.

 If you are funded by a different organisation or have any questions regarding the funding implications, please seek advice from your funding organisation or the University Student Money Advisers by emailing

At the start of the academic year, you will be asked to re-register for the retake modules. Shortly after that, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the retake modules.  The cost for retake modules will be calculated on the number of credits that you have outstanding as a percentage of the cost for a full year’s tuition. .  For queries about tuition fees, please contact the Accounts Receivable team by emailing .

Students at Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5, that are offered 20 credits or less in retake modules, may be  permitted to undertake those 20 credits of retake module alongside your next level of study, unless prohibited by any validation or professional body requirements and if the timetable permits this. Your course team will confirm this with you. If you are taking this alongside your current, study there will not be a charge.

If you are at the end of your programme and have been offered any retake modules you will undertake this in the following year and there will be a charge for any retake modules you need to complete.

ACTION YOU MUST TAKE; if you do not wish to take a retake module:

If you do not wish to take up the offer of retake module(s) and wish to be considered for an appropriate exit award if there is one validated for your programme, you must inform the assessment team within 10 working days of receiving your transcript. You must email from your student account to

Only when you have notified assessment will they then take your profile to the next available University assessment board to consider your profile for the exit award.

If you are unsure which version, of the Academic Regulations, you are working to - see the information below:

  • Academic Regulations: Which version am I on?

     As a new student, you will normally be governed by the Version 1 (New) Academic Regulations, but if you are not sure which version you are on:

    • Go to ICON
    • Click on the View Details button next to your current course
    • Scroll down to a box that looks like the following image - your Academic Regulations version is listed at the bottom


  • Queries

    If you have any queries about your progression or reassessment position after reading this information, please consult your Course Tutor or the Assessment Team.

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