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If you've applied for any student funding, it's important to note that the money will not be in your account for the first day of welcome week.     

StudentUsingCashMachine-Cropped-200x200.jpg , A student using a cash machineThe Student Loan Company will release the money into your account three to five days after receiving confirmation that you are attending university. That is, three to five days after you have fully completed the registration process. Be sure to budget enough money to last you until then.

Please note that the university can only confirm your registration if you have no outstanding clearance checks.  If there is anything outstanding this could cause a delay to the university being able to confirm your registration.

You'll need enough money for food, the welcome festival events (if you didn't buy a wristband), transport and any essentials you forgot to pack (eg. a toothbrush).


The NHS bursary is paid in monthly instalments. You will receive the first two instalments within 10 working days of registration. The next instalment will be paid in the third month of your course and each subsequent instalment will be paid on the third Friday of each month until the end of the year.

The teacher training bursary will normally be paid in equal monthly instalments. The money will be released into your account on the last Friday of each month starting in October.

Cumbria Bursary and Progression Awards
If you are a full-time student and have been allocated a Cumbria Bursary or Progression Award, you will receive a letter sent to your correspondence address supplied as part of your student finance application. If you don't receive a letter by the end of November, then unfortunately you have not been allocated an award.

Delayed funding

If a week has passed since registration and your bank account is still bare, have a look at our Delayed Student Funding processes for information on what to do next and who to contact.

If there is a delay and you don't have enough money to cope, don't panic and don't suffer in silence. Our Money Advisers are always happy to offer advice about budget and the emergency support funds that are available, contact

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