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To gain access to the extensive range of IT services that your university offers, you need to activate your account on the University of Cumbria network. The following information will help you to get online and stay online with the University of Cumbria.

These instructions are for registered students who are using their own device to activate their University of Cumbria account.

Before you start

  1. You must have successfully completed the online registration process at RKC after which you will receive a University of Cumbria student number by email. Please be aware that there will be an administrative delay between you completing your RKC registration and receipt of your Cumbria student number.
  2. You need access to the internet.  

How to log on to the Network for the first time (on your own device)

1 Open a web browser and go to:
2 If a Security Alert box appears, just select OK. An Activate your account screen appears and asks you to read and agree to the university's terms and conditions of using the IT network - you can not progress unless you agree.
3 You will then be asked if you are a student or a member of staff?
On the next screen, in the Student Number field, type your student number. Just type the number up to the first slash (/). Don’t include /1 or /2 in the number.
In the Date of Birth fields, enter your date of birth in the format shown.
Select a memorable question and enter the answer in the box shown. 
Select Submit.
You will then be asked to enter a passsword of your choice.  Please read the text about how your password should be formatted.
The final screen displays your username and your email address, please record these somewhere safe so you don't forget them.
7 You can log on to University of Cumbria systems and curated library resources using your student number and password. 

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

When you login for the first time you will be prompted to complete an extra layer of security called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to keep you and the university secure against cybercrime. This MFA step by step guide will help you to set this up when prompted.

More details can be found on

If you receive a text message that says ”Data rates my apply’ then ensure you are either logged onto a wifi network or install a multi-factor authentication app such as Microsoft AuthenticatorGoogle Authenticator or Authy (other apps are available), as these generate a code locally on your device and do not need to receive external messages.


If you encounter any problems with this process, please contact the University of Cumbria IT Service Desk: 

When you have successfully logged onto the network, register your details on the university’s automated password reset service. This enables you to change your password regularly to keep your information safe, and to reset your password if you forget it. Read What is the password reset service?  Or Register with the Password Reset Service